Thursday, October 1, 2015

l Love Sweater Weather

There is just something so very special about this time of year. The Autumnal atmosphere is  my all time favorite ~ what with all of the glorious colours, scenery changes, fragrances wafting throughout, it just gives that cozy comfy feeling like curling up with a warm blanket and hot cup of Cider. yum(and of course, a good stitch or two)

As with the foliage of a beautiful maple, a wind-blown birch or a tall old oak, there comes a time when a leaf or two can break away, this is so with life. On occasion, those leaves may shed earlier than later, albeit, with a lack of nurturing or gust of wind, they are swept away to yet another existence. Oh, it is true, for awhile, that open space was noticed, however; one day that old branch woke up and realized  its own strength and how the if it had only known how sturdy it was without that  leaf comparing the connection of the other leaves to the branch, it may not have hoped for a return visit. 

The seasonal winds are blowing to and fro providing leaves, acorns, and walnuts a happy dance, all I can say is "HEADS" 
Neighbours are gathering piles of leaves for a perfect landing and/or possibly filling bags for the curb, gardens are being winterized and the realization of reality begins to set in. It seems to me this season appears a little sooner than the last and with every day that passes it gives me more chance to realize how very grateful I am for everyone who is in my life, for all of the situations I have found myself in and all of the strength I have gained.

Certain seasons can bring out the best of you and those around you. Not always do those seasons fall at the same time, but just having the awareness that whoever you choose to spend your time with, there will always a common understanding and trust that even when life gets tough, you would be there for each other in a heartbeat regardless of how long it has been. I do swear that the cooler weather brings out the best in people and when honesty and loyalty are a strength, together, it brings out a warmth

 It is certainly very reassuring what you observe with open eyes and what you hear as the wind whistles by when you take a long walk amongst trees in a far off forest. 

There is no better time to pull on a warm sweater and slippers, light a cozy fire and favourite candle to spend time with those who bring out the best of you and allow you the joys of your life.

Maybe this explains why I feel so connected with Autumn. 


Friday, September 4, 2015

What ever will be will be...

I truly believe that your own health  is, in fact, in your own hands. It is so difficult to sit by watching and listening to people with their own health issues as they choose to accept a "white-coat remedy". I know it is definitely a personal choice to be healthy and with that said; I also understand that when your health is jeopardized, one tends to accept the scare factor rather than seek the root of the issue and deal with it. 

At what point would you say " I don't want to feel like this" or "I don't want to take these drugs" or "I want to  do whatever it takes to get off these meds and feel alive again"? 

I understand that everyone  has their own destiny. Each person makes a choice reguarding whom and/or what they believe and that they go to the white coat for a reason. What I don't get, is why some sabotage their own health and well-being and make countless reasons/excuses of their choices, rather than giving it their all to make a healthy difference.

and I think to myself: 
I have absolutely nothing to do with the choices and decisions reguarding their own health. It is their destiny, NOT mine. I am only responsible for my own outcome and for that I am very thankful. 

I am delighted that I have finally opened my eyes to all of the directions that I took in the past and that know that they didn't work. I also totally understand that what IS working for me now is because of my personal dedication to my own health and well-being. What others choose to do, has nothing to do with what I do or how I feel OR what I believe and that is so OK with me. However; it does make me wonder where they place their own health on their priority list. 

As I previously mentioned, it is very hard to sit by friends and watch/listen to how and what they feel. I know everyone has their own "oh shit, I better take care of this before it takes care of me" moment and that no two to people are the same. What works for me may not work for anyone else, but it might be worth a try if you want to try anything to feel better. 

Coz, well, ya know,,, ya have to take care of yourself to be able to take care of everyone else.

With all of this said, I am also very grateful that I have wonderful friends who all understand and  respect each others individual perspectives and we all know we are there for each other always in all ways.

Cheers to the moments that make you want to look out for yourself again. 

now,  on the stitchy side of life- 
it's all the way you hold your chart.

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