Cross Stitch Junkie

Ever since I was a young girl,
I've pulled a needle through.
From  Adeliade down to Wentzler,
you bet I've stitched them true!
But I ain't stitched nothing like this,
it won't be done this fall,
What started up from childhood,
has now become a ball.

I burrow through my fabrics,
and gather all the floss,
stumbling through the  stash pile,
I' m never at a loss.
I search by intuition,
the memory's not so great!
What started up from childhood,
now Cross Stitch is my fate.

She's a Cross Stitch junkie
her finger's got an itch,
A Cross Stitch junkie 
who loves to cross a stitch.

How do you think she does it?
What makes her so rare?

She ain't got no distractions,
Can't see the flipp'n graph.
Goes searching for her sanity
and comes out with more stash
Always into stitches,
Never dusts at all!
What started up from childhood 
is hanging on the wall.

I thought I had
enough time on my hands,
the stash keeps a coming
and I feel as old as sand.

Even at my usual table,
Confettis at it's best,
The frogs they come a hop'n,
my hands they never rest.
I got crazy stitching fingers,
We ain't never seen them stop.
What started out from childhood
I'll do it till I drop!

~ As always  ~                           
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xxxxx   Jayne  xxxxx
funny what comes to mind at 'O-dark hundred hours... 
WHO does this.

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