Monday, June 18, 2012

A bit of progress to share.

 You know the old saying,,, 
"When life hands you lemons" ???
Well, here's my Lemonade!
 added to the picture 
for a great big slurp of that cool refreshing tonic.

 and what else would you expect
 from Henley's Landing 
but yet another project in the works. 
One of which with any luck, 
will be completed within the next month.....
yeah right. 
oh well, we will see 
and with true grit and determination 
it may just happen.
(pictures to follow on that one.)

As per our norm, we had an interesting weekend and Fathers Day was spent with the kids doing what we do. Laughing, talking, and just enjoying each and every minute. Did I mention laughing? Seems whatever one doesn't think of another is right there to fill in the blanks. Add some of their friends and things become not only funny but very entertaining. Who are these kids? lol 
Funny what can come out 
when you least expect it,
 and even as funny 
when you think of it later.

 ~ Cheers to whatever makes you smile ~




  1. You know you may fool around and finish NT yet!! It's looking fabulous! And another start...good.

    Happy belated Father's Day to that man of yours! Glad you had a good time with the kids.

  2. That cabin is making a better appearance! Nice stitching. I'll look forward to seeing pictures of the new start. Best way to celebrate Father's Day is with some laughter.


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