Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ah, the sounds of August

The  odd cloud bursting with rain, 
kids in their yards slapping a puck 
upside a piece of plywood, 
scarring the dickens out of each and every dog,
the unmistakable hollers of  


bicycles gliding in and out of the neighbourhood, 
soft tones of music playing in the distance,
friendly waves and chats
with neighbours out for their walks,  
fires crackling in the evening air, 
stary, moon lit nights, 
being with the special people of our lives,
doing the things we love to do. 

(this doesn't even speak to the sound of spit on the end of our floss,& that same floss being pulled through a wonderfully soft piece of linen)

Having the comfort-ability in our own lives 
and those whom we choose to share time together
speaks volumes without stating the oblivious obvious. 

Cheers to August and the health of those you love.

~ As always  ~                             
~ keep   An eye for threads & Be  Always  in  Stitches ~ 
xxx / ' jayne  

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  1. Hello Jayne

    Hope you have a happy August too.


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