Wednesday, October 3, 2012

There is nothing better than being able to be yourself, and in knowing that, I am so glad my friends know that too.  With the gloomy, foggy, rainy morning we are having so far, the thought of gathering around the big ole table this evening with a fantastic group of fun loving, creative women is casting a nice warm glow within.

Still not much on the stitching front other than working on a few name tags for our TOPS chapter, then thinking of some patterns for some vests for another chapter in a completely different city. Not to mention, the preparation and excitement of yet another ENJO Demo tomorrow evening, just around the corner from Henley's Landing.

I promise I will stitch soon, and possibly post a few pictures of said tags. I also have a few finishes to tackle which seem to be on the back burner and a bit of smoke is rising regarding the tardiness of this task. 

For now though, I hope everyone has a warm fall day doing what you love to do, with whom you love to share your time. Cheers
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  1. Hope you had a great night stitching!

  2. Boy, I hope this post was from Wednesday...cause if it isn't Thursday yet - I'm gonna cry!

    My friend, you are getting busier and busier. Make sure to still take a moment for yourself.


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