Wednesday, November 28, 2012

a day to gather

Tonight the Stitching Sisters will gather down around the big table and share our happenings of the past week or two. Typically, when this group gathers there is much laughter, some seriousness and sometimes some tears too. You just never know what you will walk into and who will share what. One of our members is moving to anther province and she will be missed by all. Another is mending a broken arm and damn it all anyway it is her stitching arm.

As far as stitching here @ Henley's Landing,,, well it has been on the slow boat to somewhere other than China, but apparently the locks are beginning to overflow and all of the artistic juices are spewing again... well they are coming back in somewhat of an un-orderly fashion. Funny where ones mind can go when a life altering situation occurs and funny what you can pull out of your left cheek to survive. In balancing out the right cheek, I am finding a few more minutes to stitch and enjoying each and every one of them. Having someone to heckle in the background it half the fun too....... So, all in all, I have been finishing off a few little goodies for some special people and today there are a few more on the table, two to frame, two to finish and one to deliver and that doesn't speak to the monster tapestry that needs to be squared up. This thing measures 46ish by 26ish and is way out of whack, so out comes the spray bottle, a huge ass cork board and a coupla hundred strong post it pins.
It is a very nice piece and wonderfully stitched but way off square. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow it will be righted and ready to lace up.

The decorations are out and with a few new lights shining around Henley's Landing, Christmas is in the air....
ha ha,,,
Have you seen this place?????
awe well, other than the tree and a few ornaments it pretty well is Christmas all year !!!


well, that's it, that's all... Bye for now,
 I am off for a stroll down
Productive Aveune.


  1. So happy to hear that you found your way back to Productive Avenue... maybe we'll pass each other on the street today!

    Have a grand time with all the Sisters tonight! Pass out hugs all the way around that big table for me, will ya?

  2. I hope you and the girls had a great time. I'm always envious of your stitching group. One day I'm going to drop in with my wine glass in hand!

  3. My dear, it's nice to hear you are back to stitching. You without a needle in hand - makes the world unbalanced! The girls being at the house tonight - you are so lucky! Enjoy your time with them. Have a great day!

  4. just to kill the confusion...we are at the Centre tonight not here. The centre has a big table Henley's Landing has a big ole table....


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