Monday, November 12, 2012

every once in a while

Have you ever noticed that when you want to do something with a passion that passion grows by the day? For instance, you pop on in to one of your favorite haunts....otherwise known as Needlework stores, and as you casually stroll, droul and excite you curriously take a gander over at the next asile only to find you have been awestruck with YET ANOTHER DESIGN! Damn I hate when that happens and for me it can happen right here @ Henley's Landing.

Just by looking for a piece of fabric that I know I put safely away in my stash cupboard and then the next chart falls out, then the next, and the next, and the next,,,, well, I'm pretty sure you get the picture. Not only do I find said paper, but all of the good intentions along the way. And that doesn't even cover the WIPS in the pile... Look out kids, I'm a gonna live till I'm 162 1/2 now. I tell ya,,, I have to just to imagine stitching all of these wonders. Like the gene that tells you not to say something that will cause more pain than good, I also have one that says ah,,, you'lll have lots of time to stitch that one.

Throughout the years of my stitching life, I have acquired MANY wanna be's and many I have stitched but when I look at the shelves in this cupboard I have to wonder what the hell my mother got me into? and if you had ever been so lucky as to have seen her shelves you would know just how far that apple fell. NOT FUNNY   I think I'll go make some

Cheers to whatever threads your needle.


  1. So, show us your cupboard -- I want to drool over it too! I have the same *problem* as you with tons of STASH, but something inside me keeps pushing me to acquire more and more and more. LOL

  2. I get depressed when I look at all the charts I will never have time to stitch. I want to do them ALL!!

    OK...I'm going to go look up what all this ENJO stuff is about..........


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