Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Sometimes you are asked to stitch a sampler for a special person and even though the design is left completely up to you, there is a theme to follow. Well this piece is one of those and even though I love to be creative sometimes it is a tad difficult to see what they want with what I have in mind. So after a month or two of this sitting on the back burner I did some collaborating with a few good friends and was given an idea that I flew with and I am happy with the final outcome. Here we have what I came up with for my cousins Grandson.
I tell you this,,, I was dead against doing cutesy little safari animals... just doesn't do anything for me and if I am to be liking what I am stitching, then I am to be stitching what I like. Call me selfish but I would rather stitch a piece that a child will always want to have on their bedroom walls rather than a piece they will outgrow in 11 years. So with any luck this will win over everyone and will hang on Jackson's walls forever.


  1. Love it!... it's perfect in every way!!

  2. I like it! I need to get crackin' on a birth sampler too. As I type this Laymie is in the hospital walking the halls to see if this is "it".


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