Thursday, December 6, 2012

oh soooooo good

Well, this morning I am sure there are still a few full tummies in this town. As I mentioned yesterday, The Stitching Sisters were gathering at one of the nicest resturants in town and it has been requested that we continue on this tradition for 2013.
Before going into any lengths of the happenings, I would like to say that for the few who were unable to attend our Christmas Dinner,
and, the 
 About Us
we missed each and every one of you and hope you had a nice very evening. 
ok, now on with the story.
 Upon arrivial, the two inlaws
 decided that in order for everyone to be a part in any of the many discussion, giggles and/or laughter out loud, we had to make an adjustment to the way the tables were set up. Soooo, we made the move and the server was very co-operative. Their setup was two sets of two tables with some having their backs to others and well; bin ther' done that... so we put all four tables together, sat four at each side and two at each end and it was almost like sitting at the big ole table here @ Henley's Landing. After choosing which seats were desirable they pulled up their chairs and sat down. Within minutes more Sisters appeared
and in a very short time everyone attending was present and accounted for.

We all agreed that it was so nice to have the back room. For one thing it was warm, unlike the being near the front door, it was also a tad seculeded (an added advantage for the other celebrating patrons) and nicely decorated for the Christmas holidays.
Emily was our server and an amazing one at that, she didn't miss a trick and a very friendly young lady. There was enough "Spirit" at that table for the entire evening and well, we certainly did not fall short on the laughter! Who Knew?.
One thing is for sure, if you ever want to go out for dinner and have a full plate, you want to go to this resturant, Man, the plates were overflowing and the first round was just the appitizers. Tiny, teeny, little Janet,(inlaw) orders Calamari and the serving would have fed her entire family~ Huge and that was just the appitizer! Wow! There were a couple of those dishes floating around the table and the Saganaki Opa was just'a flaming. Then there was that plate of (clam shells....) Mussels,,,(personally, I like my mussels on my Leroy rather than on my plate) and the suggestion of saving the shells to make a Christmas wreath apparently was not as appealing or creative as Iwould have hoped for ....
Then came the actual dinners... Holy Bunkum Batman, were those plates full. Each and every platefull looked just scrumptious, and from where I sat, it looked like everyone was totally enjoying their choice.
The pure pleasure of getting together for Christmas Dinner and having someone do all of the preperations, cooking, tidying up and basically waiting on us for every little detail was simply wonderfull.
And so we all have a big shout out Thank You to the wonderful staff at
 Gus and Guidos
and as the last line sorta goes...
"We'll Be Back"
Next week we will have our ornament exchange, and pull a few threads if so desired, duh
Cheers to enjoying a great evening out with your best buddies


  1. Be still my jealous heart :) But really, so glad that you had such a nice time...this has been a trying year @The Landing and a night surrounded by sisters was just what was needed.
    They say it only takes a loving heart to be the heart of any group, and I think you fit that bill, dear friend.
    PS...I aint ate a mussel yet and I don't intend to ;)

  2. Wow - Jayne you are so blessed to have your Stitching Sisters. The celebration had FUN written all over it! Now, to make sure your exchanges are all fini before next week.

  3. I know those smiling faces!!! What great pictures :-) Thrilled to hear that you had such a wonderful time!!

  4. Looks like a good time was had by all! Our group still does the potluck party and I'm sad to say I'll be missing it this year. My stitching sisters know how to warm the heart like no others! Looks like yours do too.

  5. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Congratulations! If you have any questions on how this works you can go to my blog.

  6. It would be nice to have so many stitching friends so close by to get together on such a regular basis! How fun.


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