Monday, December 3, 2012

The best is yet to come.....

Well folks, the verdict was out and the decision was made. It's off and smooth as a baby's bum...Not sure what's next but I am sure to be the first to know... maybe. In Canada alone, over 246 thousand men let the stash grow in honour of Movember! These men raise funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives.
Cheers to the Bro's with Mo's.
Now on with December....
not quite sure how this snuck up on us so quickly... Seems it was just February. Funny what life can hand you and what you do with it. Actually it is truly amazing when you think of it and now that we can resume somewhat of a sort of normal. Now I will admit, what is normal to us may be laughable to some but hey, it is our normalcy and apparently it is pretty darn fine here. (except for the spider that just ran across the screen)

I managed to finish off a project that I have been stitching and even though I think I know what I would like to do to finish it off I am not sure if that is how it will end up and believe me when I say it will very likely not be how it was shown in the initial sighting.... I can almost guarantee it won't. But you may just see it up on that wall behind good ol' Leroy one day. And then there are all of the unfinished ornaments that adorn the end of the big ole table. Hmmm what to do first.
On another note,,, This weekend was a Christmas Open House at one of the nicest stores here in town and guess what??? I won a door prize... wooo hooo let the fun begin. Serenity Country Candles bring forth the absolute nicest candles going and believe me I, have tried many. Every inch of this store is eye catching and amazing. From the moment you set your foot over the threshold you find a welcoming atmosphere that just sweeps you off your feet and your imagination can drift along with the fragrances room to room. Believe me when I tell you, the gals who welcome you, can serve you the best coffee's and oh, how each and every one of them brings their own uniqueness to the table, and can find a needle in a haystack if need be.  Every one at Serenity is so dedicated to providing an experience you will never forget and they bestow such a friendly experience and you can't wait until the next chance you get to pop in. It is so very easy to find yourself lost as you wander throughout the store all the while having one of the most relaxing shopping experiences. Although a nice time when you are on your own; going in with a friend is much more fun.
So, after a long two days of the Christmas Open House Spirit, I say:
"Cheers to The Serenity Shop."

 Cheers to December!


  1. Here at The Corner the Brother's did it too...Pa took a pic..
    I must say, your man looks quite dapper with and without the stash...but most especially in good health!

  2. I'm confused - the people who commented liked the stash! And now it's gone! :( I vote to grow it back! Congrats to you for winning an open house. Yeah, December is here and we have 27 days left in the year. Where has it gone?


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