Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just a memory

I seem to remember the days when I had alot more time to stitch. Regardless of excuses, to which I have none, I really don't seem to have accomplished anything in the stitching department so far this year. Yes, I did start another page of Northern Tranquility, yes, I did a quick little goodie for my Valentine and I'm working on a piece that I thought would have been a breeze but when you have a difficult time counting and staying on the same line it tends to put you in a reverse gear and the damn frogs come in...

Maybe I should sic Jase on them there frogs and Miss Kay can cook'em up for the Robertson Clan.....


  1. Darn frogs! They ruin things every time. Frog legs sound pretty good to me!

  2. The frogs were at my house yesterday too. Glad they are gone though it sure took a while to exterminate them:-)


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