Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I = Imagination

The power to create in ones mind.
One can only be grateful for the ability to imagine,
to create and to achieve.
When you can imagine things in your mind
and bring them to fruition,
it can be one of the most rewarding feelings. 
Remembering as a child the excitement of riding a bicycle all  on my own.
hmmm: this is coming from someone who used to ride a tricycle on two wheels...
leaning over to either the left or right.
All I could think of was a two wheeler.
 "Man those other kids were sooooo lucky," I'd think to myself
and then slip into my imagination of me on my own bike
going around the block by myself,
 riding down to the Drive In Park
and riding around that big circle of fun.
 Hair blowing with the wind,
and not a care in the world.
Then it came!
My eighth birthday.
a really big 28" wheel Supercycle
turquoise, with that old familiar two tone single seat and low bars.
 Wow, I was right in my imagination.
I was so excited, and off I went
(with permission of course)
around the block
in my pajamas!
Didn't think of that part at the time but ya pajamas.
So now everything I had imagined was coming true
and the park was the next destination once I was properly dressed.
That bicycle stayed with me for a dozen or so years
with a few transformations brought forth with more imagination.
I imagined ape handlebars, a white single seat,
cover the frame with black and white  designed Mactac
and Ba Boom!
it was my "Vehicle"
Everyone knew it by that too.
Later on it was sprayed flat black,
the chain guard fell off
and it was yet with another set of imaginations
that I would try off roading.
who knew that if you hit a hill jumping off an erosion
you could possibly land on a private part and really hurt yourself
not to mention bust the frame of your Vehicle.
Damn I think that hurt more than I did.
Well, with the gang of friends,
 we ended up a few blocks away from that jump,
enlisted a Dad to do some fancy welding
and we were off again to hit the high trails.
Don't think my mother even noticed that weld
coz if she had have, she may have had a bit of a fit.......
A couple of years after the Vehicle was put to rest,
I moved on to 750k Honda and there was no holding me back. Well, other than the rain but then the alternative ole Camero came in pretty handy .
Fast forward a couple years
I imagined having children
and somehow life changed........
So to say that I am grateful for imagination is an understatement
and one that I hold close to my heart.
Some of the greatest things in our life began with imagination and on that same token,
 some pretty crappy things too.
Some people have the tendency to use their imagination to create their own chaos
and imagine that.... they live it too.
awe well,
what ever shoots their ducks........
Cheers to our imaginations
What you choose to do with them is totally up to you.


  1. Oh, those banana seats from the 70's! My bike was yellow and had one of those flags flying from it. Then I got a ten-speed and thought I was The S***. Thanks for the memories of my own bikes!

  2. Would you believe I never had a bike growing up? We lived near a major roadway which led all the traffic to the international bridge between Windsor and Detroit. My mother was terrified we'd get hit so we weren't allowed a bike. I didn't learn to ride until one trip to Florida when I was 16!
    However I did have a Camaro (or at least my hubby did) before the kids were born. Thinking of that brought back some memories!


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