Friday, April 12, 2013

K = Kitchen

Just another room in a building?
How about a room in a house
that makes a house a home.
Back where I came from the kitchen always seemed to be
the chore orientated location.
If you were about to catch hell for one reason or another
the bellows always came from that area of the house.
If you had to do anything else around the house,
it all began in the kitchen.
Oh, don't get me wrong,
the food was always good and all,
but Mother was the first person to say
"Get me the hell out of here"
at the end of the day.
So for me to say I love my Kitchen,
is a complete contradiction to what I knew as a child.
Here at Henley's Landing our kitchen is a main thoroughfare
and one which I love to make pit-stops in
just to admire it or wipe the counter.
and YES,
I do have cross stich on the wall!
Like the hub of a centre it is where almost everything is communicated, and intercepted.
Much laughter can be heard from this centre
and alot of that laughter is created there,,,,
and not coz of my cooking.....
just say'n
Cheers to the Kitchens that make your house a home.

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  1. Our kitchen is one gathering place in our house, but we have another room that I call a "Catch-all" room". It seems to be the smallest room in our house, but it is where we do everything. I exercise on my stationary bike, cross-stitching sitting in one corner of the couch, my husband watches TV & works on his laptop, and the boys will either play their computer games or game on the XBOX (if they can convence us that they need the TV for games). This is like the HEART of our house - a gathering place for me and all my boys in the evening. The smallest room has the biggest heart :)


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