Sunday, April 28, 2013

X = eXactly what you would eXpect from me.....

My goodness for all the letters in the alphabet
 this one jumps out at me as a main frame
 of my mere being.
For many years I have been true
to following X's
(and I am NOT referring to the X
 coz that would just be something else to dig pun intended.....)
My love for X's came to me at a very young age
as I watched and wondered
where each X would/should go.
After playing around with several designs and colours
I found out just how many different variations of symbols
could form a wonderful collection of X's.
The simple thought of filling an eye of a needle with a beautiful colour of floss
and putting it through linen
in the formation of many many X's
truly intrigued me to no end and still does.
Oh the projects I have completed are very diverse
to say the least
and if you were to take a gander
through my UFO bag
you would understand just how scattered I can be.
That's OK for me too.
So if I were to say X marks the spot it could be with a * or a % and even a >
Cheers to all the #  % V  $  ?  >  @  ~  \  / 's  that give you direction.

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  1. What no X word? Or are you telling us we need to hunt for treasure today?


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