Friday, August 2, 2013

Excuse me but where has the time gone?

 Hard to believe we are in the month of August
 and it is not going any slower.
Things on the go,
things to do
and finishing to finish.
The past couple of months
 have been busy here @ Henley's Landing
 and even though it may have felt
as there were not enough hours in a day,
things went on/off without a hitch.
Our Back Yard Bash was back on July 13
and we had our honorary guest
and she gave it her best as per usual.
Thank you Mother Nature.
12 years and no rain!!!
(ONE YEAR it rain up until 3pm and that's when people start coming.There were about 60 in attendance that time )
.((only one person got wet. teee heee hee))
You are always welcome here!
With friends coming in from all over
we certainly had a fantastic array
of really good eat'n
and even though we see people we perhaps
do not see as often as we would like,
it is as though we haven't missed a day.
Funny what you what you see, hear, and learn 
when you really aren't paying attention.
And of course, YES,  
there has been a bit of stitching too.
I completed the stitching on 'Sweet Dreams",
did a "little" ditty for a special day
and while enjoying the wonderful weather by the waterside
I have been playing with a Christmas stocking
for a very special little girl.
Pictures??? naw not yet,
 I haven't stretched "SD" yet,
and well the stocking is not an
as one might say.
All in all, we have had a great summer so far and looking forward to a fun August.
Cheers to whatever trips your trigger.


  1. I also wonder what happened to July... how can it be August?! I probably should start thinking about my Christmas stitching....

  2. If time goes any faster tomorrow will be Christmas! I have no idea where the summer has gone. Maybe we should all slow down?

  3. It's nice to hear from you Jayne! It sounds like your summer is passing by as quickly as ours. July was supposed to be our quiet month...yeah,right! August promises to be full of fun with visiting friends and our trek to Muskoka. Can't wait!
    Glad to hear your backyard bash went off without a hitch again. I hope the rest of your summer is just as enjoyable.


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