Monday, September 23, 2013

Wait for it...

My oh my how time has been whipping past.
 Seems like just yesteryear
when my children
 were little kids playing in the back yard 
and all of a sudden
we are looking for a new swing set.
Well maybe not until next year
but a new life will soon be upon us
and well, yes, we are excited.
So many thoughts of what to do tomorrow
are popping in to our minds
and then what to do the next tomorrow
and when will she go to school.
But wait,
there are many lessons to learn
 before she is off to school
 and we certainly do not want to rush
 the next few years.
Be assured that there will be some floss and fabric
 in the weaving of this wonderful new tapestry
 of our lives
and if one was to doubt that,
well, why even bother,
it is in her genes
and there will be no stopping it.
Well, until she stitches her dress to her fabric
 and that has happened in generations gone by
 so I am sure this tradition will continue.
The joy of watching our child "morph"
into a mother is a wonderful chapter of our lives
 and one which will be followed
 with many happy times,
mostly because we will see
 both of the children growing.
Both: being our daughter and her baby.
I quietly sit back and smile, naw chuckle,,,
and think that if I had a nickel for every time
 my dear mother told me
 "one day your chickens will come home to roost"
 I'd be rich with money.
Well, being with money has absolutely nothing
 to do with being rich.
As I see it,
having your health, a family,
a place to live and good friends
is a blessing that makes one rich
and realizing that how you spend your wealth
 is totally what you make of it.
Now, in case you have been wondering,
 I have not forgotten how to stitch,
 nor have I chosen
 to move toward a different hobby.
 Not in the least.
There are just a few projects not to be posted yet
 but believe me when I can
 I will and you may be a bit surprised.
 Maybe not.
did I mention
 I can't wait to pull out the tiny patterns
 with some stripped fabric
to put together a few little dresses
with some "Shadow Smocking"?
So, Cheers to all you wait for
 and lots of love to grow with.


  1. Grandma! Nana! Nannie! Nena! Hehe - you're gonna be a granny! Congrats - when should we expect the newest Peach?

  2. Congratulations Grandma! I am so happy for you all...especially Princess.
    I cannot wait to see all of the pretty pink that will now surround you...lots of pics please :)

  3. Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family! I can't wait to see what goodies you make for the babe.


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