Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Here we are into December and what have you done?

It has been brought to my attention that my blogging has been at a null for some time now and that I should get back at it. I thank you for keeping in touch by other means and I am thinking that I may just get my act back together in this form of communication too.
While we have had a beautiful little addition into our family,
we are having much fun sharing
 laughter, memories and lessons along the way.
Funny, someone once said,
" I can't see you as a Grandmother. " 
Well, contrary to what one may have thought,
it fits very nicely thank you!
and know that we shant be gazing out the big ole windows
 in a wind storm!
Moving along to the stitching side of Henley's Landing.
As it happens,
Peaches is quite the stitcher too!
thus; our little bundle of joy
will be one of the youngest honorary members
and how much fun can a Grandma have
 pulling threads when her little joy is sharing her life with all of us?
For the time being, the two of them are very welcome to stitch along with us as we gather to do what we do.
Mommy will be headed back to work in January, so that will put a halt to her stitching with the Stitching Sisters as her shift puts her in for 2:30pm-2am. which unfortunately, just happens to interrupt our stitching time but maybe, just maybe,
on a few occasions,
our little stitcher will come to play with a needle and thread.
She will sure have a lot to laugh with too.
ok, so, what have I been working on lately
 you may ask?
After finally finishing off the Baby Sampler,
I have to say that it seems
I have been threading both ends of the fiber
 and not getting anywhere.
And although I don't get to stitch all day
 (as some may think)
I do manage a few moments at the crack of darkness
and then a few more into the evening.
I still have yet to finish the stocking I began about a decade ago
 but really in July,
I have had a ton of stretching and framing to do,
pulled out the ole sewing machine a few times
 and absolutely love the fact that industrial machines
are sooooooo much quicker.
  I also realize that it is a busy finishing time of year
so that fills the evenings also,
but when it is something which I love to do,
 it is a fun time any day of the week.
Tomorrow our Inch of a Sister is headed to town
to play with finishing off yet another stocking
 she has somehow managed to finish
 and Peach will join in to finish off
a couple of her ornaments.
hmmmm I wonder what I will be doing????
  No need to wonder about the evening of this Wedstitchday coming,
 because the Stitching Sisters are celebrating
 our Christmas Dinner in one of the finest establishments
 in town and this being the forth year attending,
 they are ready and willing to make it
 an extremely delicious outing.
Not to mention the Cheer.....
There, now you have a tiny bit of an update and I will make a valiant effort to indulge in this again.
As always, Cheers


  1. Nice to hear from you! Don't forget we want to see pictures of the youngest stitcher in your group. :) My blogging in down too - real life intervenes.

  2. welcome back, I have missed your posts! Yes I agree more pictures are needed. I would like to see one of Peaches and the new babe. What nickname have you come up with for her?


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