Sunday, February 9, 2014

a finish and a lesson...

After missing Christmas with this, I decided to set a deadline of the end of January (this year) and now I have finally decided to post the outcome. Not like stitching is off the plate right now but it sure is taking second seat to getting other projects finished and out the door.
So, here it is:
I know that this will be around for many years to come and I acknowledge that at 3 months of age,  it would have meant diddly squat to a tiny girl, so, I really didn't put the pressure on to finish it.  Oh it's not like I had my own things to do,,, you know those days when someone comes up to you and say's,,, 'how quick can you get this framed for me to give it as a gift next weekend?" or "when can  you get this done?"
Well, let me tell you about a new vocabulary course I have embarked on.....
This course is one that will help me with many difficult time constraints and keep an even keel all at the same time. This course is one that will probably set a few to wonder and maybe even piss a few more off and being that I am a people pleaser it may set a bit of liberation to my own timelines.
The important lesson in the program is understanding that when I am approached, (and it is not necessarily by whom,  but more importantly how), the finally outcome will be how I respond, followed by my total amazement at how I field the question/favor
There is but one word
and with that one word,
there need not be a reason attached!
oh I am sure to want to help with most projects but when I am busy myself and say "no" it is because I am obviously to busy with my own goodies.
but, I would love to show you how.
We have a few weddings coming up this year and I have chosen and started the stitching projects designated to each event.
With any luck I will complete them with time to spare.
Then comes Valentines,,,
and of course I always throw a little sometime into the lunch bag for that day. (sometimes the day before) which reminds me,,, my stitching is sitting there waiting patiently to be finished and turned into yet another piece of a wonderfully heartfelt collection.
I have a feeling that karma is going to bite my ass on this one ,
but oh well,,,what the hell...

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  1. First of all let me say "You go gurl!" and then I gotta ask…WTH? People actually ask you these questions? I think that's so totally rude and take a real pair of you what's to ask such a thing of either a friend or family member. I say good for you for saying "NO" and kudos for not adding something like this to the answer as well…AYFKMWTHDYTYRYB! giggle...


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