Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Holy Kahlua Captain Mudslide, I forgot what to say!

But I know I can say 
 "WOW , what a wonderful time we had..."
As Friday afternoon rolled along so did the cars into the parking lot of one of the most wonderful B&B's going.

Once we all arrived,  we mingled out on the patio for the longest time and although we were there to pull threads through fabrics we were just all relaxing and lounging out back. If one didn't know it, you would think that it is the only time we see each other in a year. (actually happens every week)

There is just something about being with the best of friends away from home, not having to worry about dusting, cooking and attending the day to day on-goings, and I am sure that each and everyone of our DH's missed the hell out of us as we did them...

There is always an added feature to our gathering at the lake and that would be The 4 from Forest. What can be said of these four???
hmmm, let me see,,,
Well, if you wanna laugh out loud, pee your pants and spew your coffee,,, or better yet set up a perfect plot of peanuts to lure a sweet little innocent mouse to the door , these chicks can accommodate your needs.  I honestly can not think of a better addition to our crowd than that of the 4 from Forest. Each and everyone of them has so much to offer and they compliment each other so perfectly. Not to mention the little Mexican's they rounded up. Jose A and Jose B played right into their plan and laugh,,,,oh my god that was funny.

Needless to say, we all had a wonderful weekend and although there was a bit of rain, it was so much fun and I am sure our sides will recover from the laughter and jocularity in time for next year, and with any luck those who were unable to attend this year will be with us in 2013.

Cheers to the best of times with the best of friends.

oh, yeah and we did stitch too...


  1. So glad you all had such a good time. Sounds like so much fun!

  2. What a kind, thoughtful and complimentary post Jayne! We are always so excited to join you all each year. Never a dull moment that's for sure. On behalf of the 4 from Forest - thanks so much for including us in the group retreat and thanks for all the fond memories. From Bonnie 1 of 4.

  3. Sounds like heaven to me! I'm so glad you all enjoyed yourselves as much as you did.

  4. Oh, you most definitely had fun! Love the pictures of you all!

  5. I can't believe that you have that many stitchers close to you that you can get together on a weekly basis! I just had to travel over 4 hours to see the closest one I know! And then to get away from home for a weekend? That's even better.


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