Friday, June 1, 2012

I always say. " Rainy days provide a good stitch in life"

Well, here we are in June 
preparing for one of our biggest 
roller-coaster rides yet. 
I wonder if you are ever ready for the ride? 
How do you prepare for a ride of such magnitude? 
I know I will sit down, hold on 
and hope my stomach doesn't flip.  
Thank goodness  titanium is strong, 
so no week knees here...

Now, on to some of the stitching  of late. 
Remember a ways back when I mentioned I received 
a package from New England? 
As I opened it up,  
I pulled  one of the charts out of said package 
I not only fell in love with it 
but thought it spoke to each and every one 
of the friends I hold dear to my heart. 
 As I always have a few littlen's to work on 
as I wait on appointments 
so's not to sit with idle hands
 I managed to finish off 4 
and have a dozen or so more in the works. 
Well,  I finally took a few pictures this past weekend and here is one of the four 
which were gifted out to some specials in my life.  
(side note: all four pieces are the same, and for me that is a never-never in itself)    
I have to tell you 
that these littlen's were so much fun to stitch 
and finish 
and I am so looking forward 
to getting at some of the others 
with several different styles of finishes. 

 Friendship by Trilogy
 Although I did not get a shot of the back, 
it is a green on green 1/8" plaid 
and finished nicely as a front fold.

 As for the wedding sampler,
 once the mud stopped sliding, 
I was able to set down to some good ole stitching 
on that and at this time I only have the birds 
to stitch, and they are going over one. 
When it is finished I will post a picture. 
Not sure about the total finished look I want 
but I am sure it will be a happy choice.

  Cheers to happy choices.


  1. What a great thought, and so beautifully stitched! Those special friends are going to be mighty pleased!

  2. I am one of the VERY HAPPY recipients of this beautiful work of art, and I just LOVE it!! (To know that you never stitch something more than once, makes it even that more special indeed!!) Thanks again Jayne!!!

    Love the new additions to your blog too... they look great!! :^)

  3. you will make it through the roller coaster ride together and I as well as everyone else will be there cheering you on all the way through. If you need me, you just have to email or call. Luv yah!

  4. Grats on the little finish. I especially love the ribbon you used on that. Very nice!!

  5. Your little finishes are perfect! Love the new layout - is that your yard in the header...I need my passport! And LOVE LOVE the new pic of you in the sidebar!

    As for the upcoming little procedure -- all will be well. And no I don't think anyone is ever ready for that either.

  6. Absolutely lovely! You did and awesome job finishing.

  7. ohhhh gorgeous and who you sent them too will be really pleased with them too :) love mouse xxxx

  8. Very cute finish and finishing! It's nice to have something small to work on, isn't it?? I need to get some of those going!


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