Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nothing like some good tunes and a laugh or two along the way

With all of this sunshine between bursts of cloudy, rainy periods, the tunes have been cranked while we enjoy our Landing. There is nothing quite like the wonderful sounds and fragrances of nature, the sun beaming down and a few good tunes to get you moving and doing things which once completed are a wonderful sense of not only accomplishment but satisfaction also. Having the fire pit going adds to the entire picture which makes for a really nice area to have visitors. There must be something about our Landing that is inviting because it is not very often that we do not have someone to share it with. We have always enjoyed our space out back and when friends comes along for a visit it is always interesting and very enjoyable.  There must be something out there that keeps them coming back!
We have a few more intentions to finish off the yard and with any luck we will be able to check them off the list before summers end. 

Cheers to having a space where good friends can  gather and enjoy each others company!


  1. Jayne the Landing is a great place to go cause you are there! nothing more to say

  2. I'd say the "something out back" is the inhabitants of the Landing! Wish I were there, too!

  3. Hello

    Like the other comments I think that it's not only the Landing that draws people but the people on the Landing.

    Happy weekend.

  4. It sounds lovely. Almost makes me wish I had a house, but I know I can't afford the upkeep, so... My brother has a nice firepit though. I do enjoy his on occasion!!

  5. It's all about the people. But having a nice spot to share helps too! We just got a propane heater for the patio so we can enjoy our evenings outside when it's chilly.


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