Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Honesty or Honestly

Imagine if you will, trying to be honest with someone who honestly does not understand  the words: confidence and honesty , between friends, Honestly, would you ever in your life expect that one of your best friends would be anything else but honest with you? Would you ever in your life expect that while being honest that confidence and honesty would be broken? Would you ever in your life expect that you would be asked to lie for that person and have an honest feeling about what you were actually doing? 
Hmmm, could you do it?

Honestly, when something is shared between two friends and that has made it's way to others in a nonchalant conversation it really makes one wonder just how a friendship can be built and maintained when first,  the person who received the initial information made it known to others who inadvertently made it know right back to me. Hmmmm

Well, back where I come from, being honest was a set expectation and without the honest truth there were far to many lies to remember. But, I have been around when certain things have been said which are so totally off the friggin wall and blatant lies.  I have also been around some who choose to lie to get ahead and twist the truth for their own benefit all while destroying the honesty within the hearts of many. 

Over time, some hurtful things have been said and many situations which could only possibly be related to me are put out in the open for a chosen few to char and rip apart and considering where it is coming from, and why,  I totally and honestly would expect nothing less. Honesty is the best policy and  I honestly do not trust anything from either one now  and I can see where, why and what they are feeding from and where it will go in time. 

 Now, believe me, this has not been an easy lesson to learn and understand, but in knowing what I know now and trusting the many sources, I am relieved to have finally accepted and  left behind the uneasy thoughts and misconceptions of such.

One thing to remember is that my opinion of those whom choose to be dishonest, is really none of their business but with this, I totally know that they will know exactly how I honestly feel of their lack of honesty and their future re/actions... lol


  1. I honestly hope others learn a honest lesson from this post. Hope you find some peace in whatever is going on.

  2. Hugs to you. Sounds like you need one. Hope whatever is happening with you settles soon.

  3. A hard lesson to learn, yes, but sometimes, finding out the measure of a person is better in the long run. Hugs to you!!

  4. Well said. Thank you for writting what many of us feel but could not, did not, should have written for our peace of mind.


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