Sunday, May 6, 2012

They are back

We have had visitors this weekend and right on schedule. 
 While winding my way through New England I not only managed to get my feet wet but I also got to be Betsy Ross again. lol, and what a fun journey it was.

Now to put it mildly, I am back up here in my Northren Tranquility soaking up the stitches while suffering from the wonders of the OOTDS.


  1. Love your Connecticut, it's great!

    Those birds are lovely!

  2. What beauties those Orioles are... I'll have to make sure I show hubby the pics. I saw my first hummer at the feeder this past Wed. :^)

    No OOTDS for me today. Too much work to do in the gardens... but hey - I love that almost as much as stitching!

  3. oooo nice visitors you got and well done on the stitching front ... I managed stitching in the craft room with the door open today as the sun shone !!!!
    love mouse xxxxx

  4. wow the pictures are beautiful of the birds!

  5. I never see Orioles in my yard but I'm wondering if I could attract them with oranges like that. I'll have to give it a try!
    Connecticut looks fabulous! I'm going to try and get in some time in the gazebo later today. I need to get working on the yard first.

  6. I'd love to get some Orioles in my yard! Nice stitching too!


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