Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If you could turn back time

How far back would you go?
Since I am not one to live in the past,
 I would never want to go back 
to live through that again.
I would always want to remember May 8
for a couple of very good reasons, 

Suffice to say,
it is, what it is 
and we should make the best of 
what we have in our lives.
So with that said,
" miss ya Ma"
"as another misses her pa"


  1. I know the feeling of missing my 'pa'. Simply it sucks. Hope today fills you with the love I'm sending north to you. Take care my friend.

  2. I don't know if I would go back and change things or not... It's hard to decide, but I can think of a couple of things I wish I could change (the pain my children lived through when I stayed with their abusive father, especially. He didn't hit them, but I know it made an impression on them when he shouted and yelled at me), but I don't know if the end result would be better or worse. I hope you feel better soon. I've not lost my mom yet, but I did lose my dad a couple of years ago. It's awful to lose your parents, and I'm hoping I don't lose my mom anytime soon. Have said a prayer for you!


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