Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dear Denise, you tagged me to do this new game racing around bloggville,  The rules are -- answer the questions another blogger asks and then tag eleven more bloggers asking your own eleven questions.
Your eleven questions:     My eleven answers;

1 - Which cartoon was your favorite as a kid?

2 - How long have you lived in your current home?
      wow, a long time,,,, 
29 years
3 - Do you have a special place to stitch?
     duh,,,, OOTDS 
(the big ole table in the winter.)
4 - How many pets do you have?
     we have a very friendly Shepard/Ketchup(heinz 57)
a Doberman Pussycat, 
 a cat that hangs out in the basement,
 and a huge tank of fish upstairs.
5 - At what age did you start stitching? 
    I think I was born 
with a 28 petite in my right hand 
and fabric in my left,
but probably really caught on 
once I figured out that the fabric 
shouldn't be stitched to my pretty dress.
6 - If you could travel anywhere - where would you go?
coast to coast Canada, 
it is so beautiful up here 
why leave?
7 - Do you have a green thumb?
no but I have an ironing board in the garden,,,, 
but really folks,,, 
Do I have a green thumb?
only when I am dying threads.
however, I do play in the gardens 
from time to time,,,, 
that is when I am not stitching
8 - When you go to your LNS  where do you head first? Patterns, accessories, floss, etc? 
Typically, floss is what grabs my attention, 
then maybe the charts.
9 - What is your favorite accessory for stitching?
      MY CHAIR, and SUNLIGHT. 
I would probably say 
10 - What are you currently reading?
     my smartass answers 
but really I do read Cross Stitch Graphs.... 
11 - What color is your living room?
     DMC 727 
really, I took the skein in
 and matched it up...... 

Now to tag my eleven and if you have already been tagged, well, sorry but your it.....

1 -Ma Teakettle-The Teakettle Corner
2 -Martina -My world according to me!
3 - Kerry -
Stitching Sister
4 - Tracey/Bonnie -
More than just Cross Stitchin'
5 - Nancy-
Nancy's Needle Notes
6 - Terri- Chocolates for Breakfast; Stitching for Lunch
7 - Tammy -i want to do one more stitch
8 - Trina -
Stitching OZ
9 -Lisa-
Hockey Mom Stitchin' Hobby
10 -Lynn -
Kearnel's Korner
11 - Peggy-
Kentucky Sampler
OK, now for my questions:(and answers)
  1. How do you feel about blended threads as in Teresa Wentzler's projects? (personally I love them, and TWD's)
  2. Do you launder your project before framing? (always)
  3.  How do you feel about the lack of colour fast in all the flosses now? (pisses me right off but I got used to it)
  4. When you begin a project with a black and white chart how do you choose which symbol to begin with? (usually the letters then the other symbols and I don't know why, I just do)
  5. Do you do your own framing? (for sure)
  6. Do you choose your own mats and moldings or let someone else tell you what you would like? (I trust my own gut and just go with suede. lol)
  7. Pins or Lace (lace each and ever piece)
  8. Do you have any wall space for a new project? (LMAO)
  9. Have you ever gifted a finished piece right off your wall because someone really liked it? (try it just once, it is one of the best feelings in the world!)
  10. Would you stitch it again for yourself?
    (probably not but I still love each and every one I have given away)
  11. Do you have a group of friends whom share the love of stitching with you on a regular basis? (we gather weekly and love every minute of it)((The Stitching Sisters))
ok, that's it
that's all.
Have fun.
Cheers to the love of stitching.


  1. I'm going to answer your questions too - cause I can! :)Should have answered my own like you did!
    1 - Love to blend threads the shading is so worth it!
    2- With the hand dyed linen or floss - it's impossible to launder them
    3 - Lack of color fast - it jerks my chain.
    4 - I start in the upper left corner with whichever symbol has the most squares.
    5 - I do my own finishing on every project.
    6- DH makes my frames and I paint them. Rarely use matting anymore.
    7 - It all depends on the size of the project and if it's a 'keeper' or just a little something.
    8 - I have space for now. If I ever get everything framed - out of space. Moving things around every season to make room.
    9 &10 - If I've made it for myself I'm too attached to it. But, when I make something for someone else - it's theirs from the start. And yes, I do make another sometimes for myself.
    11 - I'm a solitary stitcher. No groups or retreats. Shoot, I'd probably never stitch if someone were here with me.

    Thanks Jayne for answering my questions! Hope you don't mind that I answered yours.

  2. I think I better get busy! But I need a shower first....oh really...I DO!!


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