Wednesday, June 20, 2012

round 2

ok so with my questions of yesterday from Dear Denise I have had one set sent back... I will have fun answering them.
1.  Why do you love stitching?   I love the feel of the fibers running through my creativity.

2.  Do you have a favourite genre/type of patterns that you like to do? Apparently I love the BAP's out there but it is nice to do a little'n from time to time

3.  Have you every had to re-stitch a pattern?  Yes, that flipp'n one with the Wolves a couple of years ago.....Damn Highlighter

4.  How often do you try to stitch a week?  lmao this one is just funny, and (she knows me too.....)

5.  What DMC colours do you lean towards? hmmm. Pick one.
 but forget about the typical baby colours,,, yuck
6. How did you come to stitch?  If you knew Dear Ole Ma you would know that I was born with this feature built in.

7.  Do you have favourite stores to buy stitching from?  Who needs stores? have you seen my cupboard... but I really don't have a store that I would call my favorite, now online is a bit different,,,, Anita's, ABC and 123.

8.  Do you have a favourite designer?  Awe,,,,I have a few, but my all time fav is Teresa Wentzler

9.  Do you have a stitching blog?  Who me? sure do and sometimes I throw in the kitchen sink and ironing board too.

10.  Have you read fictional books about stitching?  One but I would rather stitch.

11.  How many times a week would you say that you visit other stitcher's blogs?  Daily if they post

  Thanks for participating Trina and everyone else too.

Now, I will say that with these questions only come answers and moving forward I will answer  but I have decided that I will not ask more of anyone simply because! 

Cheers to another warm day in the stitching zone


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