Friday, June 29, 2012

A lesson in longivity

Last night Leroy and I attended a seminar hosted by a local wellness clinic and although much of the information is a big part of our daily lives, when you see and hear it from another perspective it can be a bit of an eye opener. As with every aspect of life, keeping an open mind and seeing outside the box can be very invigorating, not to mention very helpful in your day to day life. Health is one thing the each and every person takes for granted at one time or another, and to think that we have so very many expectations set out in that one tiny little cell. I have always felt that we set so many expectations on our bodies and although we try to take care of ourselves, we fill up with crap that is ultimately tearing us down.  In understanding what we are setting our bodies up for, we also are learning some interesting facts about what we can do to make a difference therein. Some of these lessons were learned at an early age and with our disposable society gone by the wayside, not forgotten, just refurbished to suit a lifestyle. 

While I totally get that we are generally very careful with the foods that we choose when grocery shopping, when going out to dine and when we pull a snack out of the cupboard, there are other aspects of the whole picture that require attention which we have overlooked. 

So with some new ammunition and the tools to set a different pace, here we are having a go around a new curve in our lives and one that will take us down many new avenues. Hmmm. and to think that we have come into this just prior to one of the biggest long weekends of the year..... 

Thank goodness I still have a sense of humour and my stitching

 Cheers to a healthy long weekend 
 Happy Canada Day, 
 May all your flags fly with pride.
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  1. Sounds like some things we should all be doing. With regards to the timing, though, I guess you can take your pick - "don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today", or "tomorrow's another day"!


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