Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ready to Wrap

I'm thinking that with all of this warm weather everyone is having a great time doing some of their favorite activities. I know I am.... which brings me to this, hot of the big ole table,
 The wedding is this Saturday coming and I am sure there will be a few alterations to be made to the Maid of Honours dress to which I have not been privy to for a long time but since it is coming into the crunch I am sure it will make it's way down stairs and on the body of Honour.  As for what I am wearing.......it's not Saturday yet my friends. 
Yesterday I totally enjoyed with a visit with the Bride and Groom and I gotta tell ya, what a ton of energy. What fun to see and hear all of their plans, hopes and wishes and the excitement therein. 
Apparently the garter I made for the Bride fit perfectly and is very much appreciated by both. Funny how hand made items effect some people and totally roll off others. 
As they are returning home to Vancouver Island on the 3rd, I will be sure to have lots of bubble wrap for the gift from Henley's Landing.
 I actually had this piece stitched up at the beginning of the year and just had the names and date to put on so it really wasn't that hot off the table but the matt needed to be redone due to a mark from the company so I opted for a double matt instead and I am very pleased with the outcome of such.
Now to get the other wedding stitch into its respective frame and wrap it up too!

Cheers to being all wrapped up in that which we love!
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xxx / ' jayne  


  1. Oh Jayne...it's gorgeous! The happy couple are going to flip when they see it, and will treasure for ever :)
    I adore my CT finish...thank you sooo much...kisses!
    I owe you a phone call...soon, I promise.

  2. Love the finished product! I am sure they will love it :)

  3. Yeah, all done before the wedding! Looks fab!

  4. Looks great! I usually have to go for the double mat, sometimes triple. A single mat can look so bare sometimes! Perfect gift, have a great time at the wedding this weekend.

  5. Such a beautiful gift and one that, from the sounds of it, will be greatly appreciated by the bride and groom. I love the double mat with this one.


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