Friday, June 8, 2012

What better a way to begin the weekend 
than with the wonderful sunshine
 and some time with your friends!
I am sure this weekend will be one of 
rest, relaxation,  and wonderment. 
What if? 
What more? 
What about and
 What the hell? 
Now to put the assumptions aside,,,
What if I find another chart I really love?
What more will I need to complete the project? 
What about all the other WIPS in the pile? and
What the hell was I thinking?

Cheers to whatever makes you wonder/'


  1. We went to the 49th annual needlework show at Woodlawn Plantation (in Virginia) yesterday and afterwards we went to a needlework shop just down the street. It was AWESOME!

    I ended up buying four new charts (two of them extremely large projects) and fabric and thread and if I hadn't left my glasses behind and wasn't wearing my prescription sunglasses all day, I would have probably spent a LOT MORE MONEY.

    I told my husband to be very glad that shop is two hours away, although if I could figure out how to get back there this weekend, I probably would be happy to make the trip. It was even better than the show because it was things I could make instead of drool over the finished work of someone else.

    And now I have four more projects. Sigh. My WIP pile is getting awfully large!

  2. I want (need) to get some serious stitching done this weekend. I just want to get through this day without cleaning something. Yeah like THAT will happen. Curse my OCD issues!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. LOL, Jayne, that last one is almost always in my head. I have more to do than I know what to do with, and I keep buying more. And of course, they're all big charts. Mostly HAEDs, lol. I love my stash as much as my WIPs and UFOs.


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