Thursday, June 7, 2012

Colour Wheel in the Sky

Well, the frame and mat are ordered and you'll never guess what I chose. ha ha ha.

 With the rain in the evening we had a small gathering around the big ole table sharing some days gone by and those of present being haunted by the actions of grandchildren re-enacting the lives of their parents. As if grandparents never had kids!!!  Ah the chickens that come home to roost.  

We were intrigued with all of the colours in the sky as yet another double rainbow appeared and through the trees of 3362, 3363 and 33 64 the sky was somewhat similar to 312 with a hint of 316 thrown in as the sun was going down. From there it went right to 939 until, oh, about stupid o' hundred hours this morning.
 (just a little quirk of mine)
Now that it is daylight and somewhat dry, I can think of a few things that need to be accomplished before a good old sunny stitchdown with those whom have the love for the crosses as I do. One never knows who will pop in on any given day and when there is a sunny spot and a stitch to cross we are all good. Just for the sake of it being summer time, another piece to the picture is a nice cool beverage of choice to take the bite out of the heat.

Cheers to all the colours you have in your life


  1. Who among us doesn't love your description of the colors of the sky?! Sounds gorgeous to me!

  2. Lovely, the sky sounds beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed the evening with friends and family.


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