Sunday, July 15, 2012

As for the Back Yard Bash,,,

First and foremost we here @ Henley's Landing wish to Thank each and every one of our wonderful guests for coming out yet again and sharing one heck of a fun day/evening and as usual it was the best food ever. We certainly are blessed with a great  crowd  of friends and hope that those who were unable to attend know what they missed and that they were missed. Seems like each year our crowd grows thus so does the fun and laughter.

As per the norm, for the past decade of our Annual Back Yard Bash, Mother Nature was at her best and provided us with a perfect day. 
We had a bit of rain this morning but nothing to worry and run out to take the shades down and now the sun is just a shinning, Leroy is out in the gym and all is tidied up I think it is time to get at some good stitching time.
 Many photos are out there and I will get to posting them but for now,,, I think a game in in order...
Play if you dare...
You have seen many pictures of our Stitching Sisters, Here, now, is a quiz,,

Guess'em if you can, 

(don't worry, B gets that look from everyone)

Which Sister do they belong with?

This will be fun and there may just be a prize at the end of the day.... One should be a giveaway,,, 
no not the husband,,, just who he belongs with....
Whom ever guesses the most correct matches will win! oh, and the only way to play fair on this one is that none of our Stitching Sisters can answer... yes you "4 from forest" may coz you really may only know one. 
So have fun with this. I know we will.......

Cheers to spending time with loved ones!

~ As always  ~                             
~ keep   An eye for threads & Be  Always  in  Stitches ~ 
xxx / ' jayne  


  1. After looking back and forth several times - F belongs to F and H belongs to H. So, I'm going that the women are lettered to match up with the men. A to A and so on.

    Doesn't matter - you guys look great and it's obvious you had a great time.

    1. ha ha and some lol too, actually the H's are the only ones right so far but that's a given...the others are just going alphabetically as are the women, just a coinkydink on us.

  2. And on one other pair lol....I am so sorry I missed it, but timing was just totally off for me!

  3. Oh I couldn't even begin to guess but this guessing game is a riot! I can't wait to see who belongs with whom (did I say that right?) I wouldn't want to be grammatically incorrect ya know. ;O)

  4. Ok Jayne this is the other Denise (from South Dakota) And I am going to play this little game so here go's my guesses.
    A WITH B
    B E
    C D
    D C
    E G
    F A
    G F
    H H
    I hope others play also. this was fun!!!
    Happy Stitching


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