Thursday, July 12, 2012

just a peek at a little'n

We have another wedding within our Stitching Sisters coming upon us and guess what? I was asked to make a ring pillow!  I don't think this is what they had in mind but for some reason I think it will be OK that I took some initiative and had a creative spurt.
This is what I came up with:

a tiny little wrist will slide right through the band and that tiny little hand fits right into the pocket.

tied with a bow , 
the rings that shall be
 a symbol of two people joining their love

funky colour EH?

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  1. It's beautiful... love it!! But then again green is one of my favourite colours :-)

  2. Ingenious! They will love it - good going! Is that green as 'minty' as it looks?

  3. Very nice...and the color is also.

    Wish I knew why this icon pops up with my comments?!

  4. Very sweet finish, Jayne! A lovely pillow for a wedding and then maybe a tooth fairy pillow later?

  5. wow that is truly awesome and beautiful Jayne!! I'm sure Pennie's son and future daughter in law will adore it!!

  6. woooooops actually it is for Tara's son, Tim,,, Pennies son is Kyle, that's the one I was working on in navy and grey,for later in August, and have not posted the finished picture yet but I will soon. Thanks though

  7. Very pretty pillow, you did a great job with your creative juices.


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