Monday, July 9, 2012

The heat shut off

Someone must'a purposefully befuddled Ma Nature coz the heat is off for a while. Right now it is fantastic, with a little chill to the air and what a relief from what's been thrown our way around this end of the province. Burnt lawns, dried flower beds,  dogs panting like 90...air conditioners with a constant hum, and the birds are looking for any ponds along their flight.

Awe the joys of summer. 
ps, the shovels are still hanging up where we left them in the spring. Really, they are. 

I feel a big dose of 


coming on today.

~ As always  ~                             
~ keep   An eye for threads & Be  Always  in  Stitches ~ 
xxx / ' jayne  


  1. Have a good time out there! Maybe pull a stitch for me?

  2. Finally!!! I have not been able to bring up your blog in a while. Love the header pic and am going back now to catch up. Hope you're well!


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