Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Did you ever?

Have you ever received some news 
that just flat out knocked you on your arse? 
Well, there are times 
that even though I use mine on a very regular basis,
 I find myself thrown there without any notice
by people I would least expect!
 I suppose, in a sense, it is a good thing 
it's a familiar position for me
 coz lately, 
let me tell ya,,, 
I bin knocked down a few times,
and I am sure the weeks to come 
will send me into a bit of a whirl too. 
But for now, 
I will pick myself up,
 dust myself off, 
dig out the stitching

(as if I really have to dig hard)

and get on with all of the little irregularities 
of life here @ Henley's Landing.

Oh ya, and one more question?
 Have you ever found yourself 
one joint away from a shade tent?
 Talk about messing ya up! 

Not much more to do around here 
for the Back Yard Bash on Saturday, 
well, other than fixing some food 
and setting up a few tables. 
oh and that joint,,,,
one more would put us all in a nice shady place.

~ As always  ~                             
~ keep   An eye for threads & Be  Always  in  Stitches ~ 
xxx / ' jayne  

 ps. for those who are actually interested in what I have been stitching on lately,,,  I will post a couple pictures soon.


  1. Almost ready for Saturday and it's only Tuesday!? Good for you! I am never ready that far ahead of time.

    Good luck finding the shade!

  2. I guess life has it's bumps. We ride through them and hope we get at the end of the road with our hair still attached to our heads instead of ripped out by the roots. Stitch in some joy and hang in there. You sound like you are working hard.

  3. Well I would dearly like to know what knocked you on your_____? Really WOW! I am so very tired this week I feel like I have been drawn through a knot hole backwords! My grandfather always said that and it pretty well covers how I feel. Looking forward to The Backyard Bash. See you wednesday for stitching!!!!

  4. A backyard bash? I must have missed my invitation. Will there be bottomless pretty glasses? (just the glasses, mind you...I know what you're thinking) teehee

    Well of course I'm interested! Let's see those pictures....SOON!!



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