Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Morning After

I hope everyone had a nice day in all that heat and rain. Well at least the heat. I pulled all of the weeds out of the back garden in the morning and by the time that was completed, not only was I sweating my arse off, but the garden looked damn fine too.

In the evening our Stitching Sisters gathered around the big ole table for our weekly stitch~a~thon. We decided that since the sun had past the treeline, and there was a rather nice breeze coming our way that moving outdoors would be nice and it sure was. Thus, there were many suffering from the ailment  

O O T D S.  

I however, did not pull one stitch, that's right 


didn't even get it out,  just sat and chatted with the galls as we all do in between our bouts of laughter and jocularity. There was mention of a change of location for the rest of the summer, something about AC and a pool,,, and mention of a little project for everyone to contribute to which hopefully will work out very nicely too.

I did happen along the fire works later last night and by the look of Keith Lockhart the rain was a com'n down for a while. Whoever was at the helm of the cameras did an awesome job even through the rain and the one thing I will say is that it certainly is a different perspective looking down or across from the spectacular display rather than looking up and over. There is just something about being there in person to take in this event! To bad they really don't show the crowd on the Lagoons because that is really where the crowd is. Being the there is only a tiny causeway to cross just past the Esplanade you still hear every single peep from when the Pops are playing. I am however, glad that I could turn down Miss JH coz, well, ya know, I just don't get into the scream'n meemie.  

So, on with the week and getting things together for the BYB,  hanging some lighting and getting the garage set up. I am sure everything will come together nicely, it always seems to do that.

Cheers to your Thursday.

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xxx / ' jayne  


  1. Your gathering was much better than the Boston celebration. I couldn't stand the screaming, either!

  2. I have a hard time stitching and talking at the same time. Oh who am I kidding...I can't stitch and watch TV either. I end up ripping a bunch out. Sounds like you all had a good time though. I vote for AC and a pool!

    I agree, there is nothing quite like being there.

  3. Had to laugh at your comment re JH. My DH made me turn down the volume because he couldn't handle it either! I must admit it was a bit much.
    We do have AC at our Wednesday group but just the same everyone sat and talked this week rather than stitch. Just plain worn out from getting there I guess!

  4. Oh, Jayne, I would love some rain. It's been over a week here since we've had any, and it's soooooooooooo hot. One oh three today, real temp. With the heat index, it must have been well above a hundred and ten. I did sit outside for a little bit with my Yes Dear. I went out on the balcony to water, then the porch. When I went to close the back door, I noticed her sitting her furry little ass on the balcony. I said, "Really, cat?" And she just looked at me with the puppy dog eyes. So out we went, in the hundred plus degree heat, cause she's spoiled rotten, lol. It was only for a bit, but boy was I sweating!!! Glad you can enjoy the out of doors. I haven't even sat out at night as it's still too hot. Hope you get some stitches in soon!!!


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