Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

I'm sorry 
but if we were to be anywhere
other than Henley's Landing today 
it would have to be

For 39 years  millions of people have been gathering along the Charles River and filling in the Lagoons by the Esplanade to share in one of the biggest spectacles of every year. It is easily said the it is an experience of a lifetime and for some every year. A million people do this every flippn year and what a blast. I tell ya, if you don't mind crowds it is a great day and a better evening. 

Then there is the walk,,,,,,,,,


 I say,,,NOW.

We attended in 2010  prior to the TKR's ,  so it was a very slow walk to hell,  but, worth every minute of it. 

Just goes to show you,,,

" It's what you make of it "

There's just nothing quite like the atmosphere of 

Pop goes the 4th.

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  1. We spent 6 months of 2007 in Boston. It rained all day on that 4th but we had a great time anyway!
    Happy Fourth to you!!


  2. Don't know that we'll ever be there in person, but it's always on the television at our house!

  3. Glad to hear that you enjoyed a wonderful Canada Day weekend. Sounds like it was perfect weather for a wedding.
    I have never visited Boston but each year on the 4th I make it a point to watch the Boston Pops on TV. I can imagine it would be breathtaking in person!
    I was fortunate to grow up in Windsor where each year the Detroit fireworks sponsored now by Target take place on the river as part of a joint celebration between the 2 cities. Close to a million people would line our parks on the Canadian side of the river to watch the spectacle. They were amazing!


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