Monday, July 23, 2012

Seven Years Ago, I married my friend

A few years back,,, oh say 2002 
I decided that with everything that had happened
 in the past year and regaining the house,
I would begin a tradition 
wherein I would have my friends all come over 
for a big ole Back Yard Bash and called it

 "Freedom 42" 

because it was very fitting 
and I had the house with my two children. 
Well, as I have mentioned before, 
in the second year of this tradition 
I guess I inadvertently began 
a totally new and different tradition. 

See,,, one of our guests


~ Seven years later and still smiling ~

We chose our backyard as the location
 sent out invitations to our friends and family
 who usually attended our 
Back Yard Bash,  
stating that the date had been moved 
to the  4th Saturday rather than the 2nd,
 and that they could help us celebrate 
our love and life together as we are married. 
Both of my children walked forward with me 
and gave me away,,,so to speak. 
What a joy to have them both right up front with us.
It was great  fun making all the preparations, arrangements,  
the Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids dresses,
 and mine. 
Setting up for the day and watching 
a dear friend help put everything away 
at the end of the day.

Together, we chose to use the traditional wording
 in our ceremony 
because we were completely comfortable 
with our own feelings 
and what our marriage meant to the two of us. 
We felt we  didn't need to announce the obvious 
with fancy words and our personal expressions. 

"How special is that?" you asked. 
Well, albeit for one person,
 whom was thought to be a friend, 
we have heard only good things of that day 
and if the truth be known 
it was and is damn special to us 
as are our own thoughts. 
 We had chosen our music to suit everyone,
planned for our company 
and everyone had as nice of a day as we did 
with lots of wonderful food too.
 With the exception of one or two individuals, they all come back every year for our annual Bash and even though we have moved that back to the original weekend of July we always celebrate our day,

 the 23rd of July. 

This year is just kinda special!

~ As always  ~                             
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xxx / ' jayne  


  1. What a wonderful story... thanks so much for sharing! Enjoy celebrating your "Special Day" :-) Congratulations to you both!!

  2. Here's to you both and to many, many more wonderful years together! It is such a great story and it's one you just love to hear many times over! Congratulations and have a great and special day!

  3. Happy anniversary! May you be blessed with many, many more.

  4. Hoping that the love you shared 7 years ago is still as strong today as it was
    then bringing you much joy, love and happiness to celebrate again.
    Happy Anniversary!

  5. I am so happy for you both! Congratulations!!

    I love the story of your meeting and wedding. It all sounds so sweet.
    Masterchief and I will be married 7 years in December.

    Thanks for sharing your 'love story'.


  6. Happy Anniversary! Aren't you glad he came to that bash and never left? Have a wonderful day!

  7. Special indeed! Happy anniversary to the two of you!

  8. Happy Special Anniversary to you both.

  9. How wonderful. Grats, Jayne. You both look so happy!!

  10. A very Happy Anniversary to you both! Hope Leroy was feeling well enough to do a bit of celebrating.

  11. Happy, happy Anniversary to you both :)

  12. Hope you had a great anniversary. What a nice story to tell.


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