Saturday, July 21, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

well I'll be damned,,, 
wouldn't you just know it? 

Thursday, we get Leroy home safely, 
get some good food and a good sleep. 
Fast forward to late Friday afternoon,,,
and BAM, 
the damn Co2 detector blows'er gasket. 
Hmmm so now we have one man down, 
and feeling somewhat nauseous, 
supplies  to  gather, 
meds  to  administer 
and that doesn't even speak 
to the stash in every corner!
Being the responsible individual I am, 
I clean the darn detector, 
plug it back in and say
" ya, you got anything better to say?"
 Damn thing goes off again !!!
so gather up the very most important things in life 
 (man, meds and supplies) 
(( and no,,, no stitching stuff))
and run for fresh air.
 oh yeah and make the call. 
Oh and close all the windows 
so if'in it's gonna go boom 
it blasts through each and every frigg'n window 
in the joint.  
We were sitting out back as instructed,
 and the big red truck pulls up out front 
and all of these heavily geared 
friendlies come'a scurrying down the driveway 
almost whisking us away from  the building
as if it were to blow.  
One  of the friendlies had a tiny teeny little detector 
in his hand 
and the others followed, 
inside, up and down stairs
in search for any readings what-so-ever.
One neighbour even popped over 
to see if all was well 
coz ,well, ya know, 
Leroy IS his bud and all.  

At the end of the longest 5 minutes 
of the past 24 hours, 
they come'a sauntering out  back of the Landing 
to inform us that all is well 
and there was a  0  reading... 
all smoke detectors are in working order (duh)  
we really only needed one Co2 detector 
and as it happens  
the one on the main floor 
is in excellent order  
so just a couple of papers to sign 
and all was good. 
let me tell ya all, 
not a fun feeling. 
especially considering the past week 
and everything that goes with it. 

Just when  you think it is safe
 to put your emotions to rest 
the darn lights start flashing 
and beepers blare their bleeping beeps.
Better safe than sorry.
Someone must'a bin look'n out for us this time.
~ As always  ~                             
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xxx / ' jayne  


  1. Oh how scary! I'm so glad everything turned out OK. I imagine it did ruffle your feathers a bit though.
    What would life be without a little excitement, huh? That kind of excitement I'm sure you could do without though!
    It's Sunday.....relax......or 'belax' as my son used to say when he was 2.


  2. I'm glad all is well. What terrible timing for your detector to go all wonky!

  3. I often wonder if ours would work when we needed it to! Not the best timing in the world. But everyone needs just a bit more excitement in their lives, don't they?? :-)

  4. Wow! Not the best timing, but I'm so glad there wasn't anything seriously wrong. Kudos to you for staying calm and getting Leroy out so quickly!

  5. Yikes! That kind of stuff freaks me out! I'm so glad it was a false alarm (which doesn't mean ignore it next time - but here's hoping there isn't a next time!) and that you were both safe. At least you didn't have to carry Larry outta there - that would really have sucked! :-)

  6. Eh, it's a good story. Glad you got a clean bill of health for the house!

  7. Sounds like your Guardian angel was truly looking out for you both. Glad you both (and the house) are all safe and sound. Hope today is proving to be very quiet and uneventful one... (((HUGS)))

  8. The timing is always impeccable, isn't it? Ours went off in the middle of the night during a wicked snowstorm. My hubby tried switching it with the detector downstairs and there was no problem. Turns out it was a faulty detector.
    Glad to hear that yours wasn't serious either.


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