Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Awesome Weekend

I can't imagine more wonderful weather for a long weekend. Mind you by now we are looking for a bit of rain for the wheat field out back. Awe well Mother Nature sure knows her stuff. and for those suffering from the storms she has provided, be safe and sound.

We attended a wedding  of Peaches 2  bestest friends and with the exception of one tiny little hitch everything was just amazing. The location was about 20 minutes East of town in an old mill surrounding The sun was shining down on the outdoor wedding and while most of the guest were in the shade some chose the sunny seats. The ceremony was very nicely prepared and apparently when the ring is dropped it is a guarantee of an extra ten years of happiness together.
Heather & Brad
Who are you and what have you done with our Peaches?
the apple tree
Peach & Leroy
 Awe to be 23 again eh? 
(I bet the fingernails are off and the work boots are back on!)
The reception was at the Best Western here in town and the food was very tasty with tons of veggies and a huge desert table. The music was a great mix of just about everything and the dance floor was filled most of the evening. One of the guests had more energy than anyone could ever imagine and I bet she slept well. 

Peach is now on holidays up north with a couple of friends and her significant "whatever" and I am sure that Hailey(doberman pussycat) is having a fun time in the water too, but Lucky sure misses her.  

Ha , the house to ourselves. 
wooo hooo. 
Time to get ready for the Back Yard Bash!!!
 ha ha ha
Cheers to whatever makes your day awesome!

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  1. Your girl looked fantastic - of course, so did you and Leroy! Have fun with the 'house to yourself' stuff. lol

  2. Lovely wedding, beautiful young ladies... My question, though, is about the apple tree. Are you saying merely that you were standing by one, or that the sweet apple didn't fall far from the tree? :o)

    1. the fallen apple is sporting the same words to get that same smile. lol and the pic before this one we are sporting the same digital output as well. Some times just have to be a nut.

  3. Beautiful daughter and looks like a perfect wedding spot!

  4. What a beautiful pic of you and your sister- I mean daughter! Your smiles would light up a room!! :-)


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