Wednesday, August 15, 2012


and here we are in middle of August and still not stitching photos... Well from the beginning of July I decided that I would venture into yet another project and with any luck I would have had it finished by the end of that same month,,,,as luck would have it that didn't happen but many other things popped into place. Hard to believe that it is 4 weeks ago that Leroy went into our fancy smancy hotel here and left a bit of him to speak. With a visit to the Dr. in the schedule for tomorrow we are sure to be hoping for some pretty loud rejoicing and everything that goes along with it.  Gotta love those follow-ups. Especially if all goes as hoped for. 

Never-the-less that piece that I began way back when is somewhat sorta near completion but it is the sorta part that is outstanding in my eyes. (Not that there is any wall space left here on Henley's Landing) but surly there can be some shakedown to go along with moving everything in our living room for some electrical work to happen. Can you believe I have lived in this house for 28 years and made it that long without a ceiling fan in the living room not to mention real hydro out to the gym/garage? Who knew!  awe well, it will be nice to have it all finished and just have to click a breaker over rather than searching for a fuse and all, and as the saying goes,,,,,,,More Power !!!

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  1. Let's get crackin' with those photos! I'm dying to see what you're working on. :o)

    I will be thinking of your hubby tomorrow. Let me know when I can officially clink my wine glasses together in celebration. I've been practicing.

    YAY for the ceiling fan installation!! We have one in EVERY room.

  2. I hope everything goes well for hubby as I'm sure it will!


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