Wednesday, August 22, 2012

CNE... Really? Already?

With the welcomed bouts of rain, some of us are having to top up the ole lawn mower and put on the gardening shoes.  Don't ya just love the summer time?!?
We have been wandering  here and there this month and the people we have seen and the laughter we have shared  has had a wonderful affect on the powers of healing, and the summer is not quite over, but you know what? Just the other day we heard an advertisement for the CNE . 
the sounds of our Canadian National Exhibition!  "Doggie -doggie",,,,,, 
"Hot dogs?",,,,, 
"Get your Ice Cream!" 
and who can forget the grand finale?
  the Air Show.
Wow, now where did the summer go? 

As a kid growing up in Ontario, I totally enjoyed each and every day just hanging around with our friends, riding our bikes everywhere, swinging on the swings in the local parks, wading in the river and just being kids without technology but I tell ya, once the CNE came, it was only two weeks till school and that sucked. We couldn't get enough hours in a day for those last two weeks, I am sure our parents were thinking just the same, they always had those end of summer chores to be completed in the yards, garages and gardens and well, because we were the young'ns and all, what better way to keep us busy and close by........ lol Well here we are and those same chores are lurking around the corner and all the kids have grown and have their own chores to do. Gotta love the fresh air and the ability of movement to complete these tasks.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful August so far and that you are keeping your fork at hand...
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xxx / ' jayne  

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  1. You said it perfectly! Tyler has been having a lot of bonfires (luckly that hasn't involved anything, well, you know) with kids over that hang out till the wee hours of the morning. I guess they're getting in those long chats )or making out) with friends that will cease as they all head off to their school of choice.

    Enjoy the last few weeks of summer and big hugs to you and your guy who I hope is doing great!


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