Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 a stitching blog 
with no stitching.!.
seems like the cork has been put in the bottle. 
Not sure why... 
no, that's not completely true,
 see, sometimes, 
sometimes, I get distracted.
Sometimes I have to sit back  
and take a good long hard look 
at the walls 
here @ Henley's Landing 

and wonder,,,
"Where the hell will will I find room 
for this one to hang?" 
and, even after sharing with friends, 
let me tell ya,
soon as the nail is bare
 it's filled again, 
even before the old has left the landing.
Maybe an open house is in store! 

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  1. Now, an open house at Henley's Landing is more than enough encouragement to get that paperwork done!

    Seriously, aren't there walls in the spare room, bathroom, and kitchen that need filled??

    1. Seriously, you need to get those darn papers filled out and come and find me a spare wall, let alone a spare room. lmao

  2. Why not have a "seasonal" wall? That way you don't feel guilty for stitching more and you can stitch enough for 3 more walls eheheh ;)

    1. well, that would work if I had storage space and for the time and love that goes into each and every piece I just have a hard time putting it away. Good thought though, I know many who have such discipline!

  3. Love your homemade decor! I see plenty of room... ;-)

    1. Gee, Thanks Parsley,,, one question...May I borrow your glasses?

  4. I will come but only to admire, as my walls are getting full. I guess we will have to start making cushions!!!! See you tonight. No e-mail from Mr. Henley yet????

    1. Kerry L. B, PEOPLE TOUCH CUSHIONS!!! You were one I was counting on, heck you were once there when I wasn't even thinking along this line. AND A TEREASA WENTZLER AT THAT !!!!! HA.
      just say'n

  5. One more thing we need 4 more stitchers to sign up for our spring retreat at The Brentwood. Are any of your followers interested? Let me know, ok? If they are we can send them the information about where and when and the cost?

    1. I can think of a few without even pulling a stitch. AND I bet each and every one of them knows who they are.......
      as always

  6. I think I spotted a space or two! I couldn't blow up the first two pictures to see what was actually on the wall but the Christmas wall is adorable. Not wanting to put stuff away that took so much time to stitch is exactly why I don't generally do holiday things.

  7. I'm one of the ones who does the rotation thing. I have a storage unit under the bed where I keep the ones I'm not hanging at that time. Although I suppose I could squeeze a few more onto the wall!


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