Friday, September 21, 2012

ouuuu, it's chilly out this morning.

Gotta love that Autumnal weather, and quite frankly Scarlet,,, it can stay this way till May and then get warm again. 
just say'n is all.

So, the other night we gathered around the big ole table and some actually stitched. Some totally forgot their stitching, brought their lamp but forgot the most important part. Although that may be odd, there is always something going on to get involved in and laughter just happened to be on the platter that night.
Our friend from England is heading back home Monday and there's a little something from Henley's Landing accompanying her on her way. Remember the AA Bell from 2010,,, well, in the first visit Leslie had to the Landing, she  was wandering through the living room and  kept gravitating back to that piece, so three weeks later and a bit of thought, she now has a bit of a Stitching Sisters to take home with her. 
ENJOY my friend ENJOY

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  1. You took another from your wall and gave it away! You amaze me! Glad the group gathered at the Landing - always smiles and laughs. Had to say, had a smile on my own face - I see you have something hanging from the knob on your cabinet!

  2. That is so thoughtful and generous of you Jayne to give one of your own pieces to your friend. I'm sure she will treasure it always!
    Glad to hear the gathering is back once more. A night with my group sure brings the spirits up and keeps a smile on my face.

  3. You are the best Jayne, I know Leslie will cherish it forever. If I come and wander through your living room I know just the one I want???? Just kidding oh yah I already have it don't I? The cottage looks so lovely in my living room!!
    See you tonight.


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