Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Crispy Cool Air....Gotta love it...

Nothing like going to sleep at night with the window cracked just a tad for that fresh crisp air. With a couple of busy days gone by I find myself with another daunting task. Sitting behind the ole sewing machine for the rest of the week.
oh   M A N ,,,
oh well, in the end it will be for a good cause and I am sure everyone will look damn fine when they all get together. 

I have been stitching a bit lately and have hit a wall. See, I have been asked to stitch a baby sampler and all of the information is on the fabric, BUT, I really don't enjoy putting little motifs on these types of work simply because as young men and women grow, they tend to remove the babyish items from their lives and quite frankly Scarlet,,, it would be nice for them to want to have such a piece in their lives forever rather than just a few years. So, since it was suggested that I could in fact use my own creative liberties, I think I will do just that and find something more life long fitting than lions, tigers and bears,,,, oh my. maybe just the eyes... seems there once was a Gold kit which had the eyes of wild animals,,,,hmmmmmm maybe time for a hunt, no pun intended. and it may not be that much of a hunt if I remember correctly. It may be one in a collection of a dear friend whom may just allow me to take a quick look, and tonight is after all Wedstitchday,,,, geeee I wonder if T of T&T will see this prior to her arrival this evening?
On the ENJOyable note,,,This week has been busy so far and I am so looking forward to the Mystery Host Demo next Monday.

Cheers to all your "WOW" moments
With Only Water...

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