Thursday, October 25, 2012

Well would you look at that...

The calendar says October 25th....pardon me but where the heck did the first oh, say, 9 1/2 months  of this year go ?

As last night was one of our Stitching Sisters stitchathons, many were gathered around the big table down at the Centre and did we get a lot of ground covered, passed around a few magazines to droul over, had many good laughs over some silliness, and made a few great decissions. Some even stitched!

I have completed all of those vests and they have been delivered,,, all 40 of them so that is a load off my plate. Now on to a few finishes that people are very patiently waiting for then out to cut the damn Hostas down. Oh yeah, and get a bunch of crap out of the way out in the garage/gym so the dreaded big ole Red Snapper can come out to  play in the snow.
(don't worry, I'm not taking the shovels down yet!)

I have been totally having fun with my new endevour selling ENJO and the even funnier thing is that ENJO sells itself, you just have to see it to believe it and hear someone speak of their own WOW moments. And I do have to tell you,,, other than my Leroy being my walking billboard, I have the greatest 3 Sister's in laws, cousins, and friends anyone would ever want hooked and not at all afraid to tell anyone their loving it too.
Heck this morning I even got a
" Damn you Jayne, I am looking for things to clean!!!" lol     atta girl .


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  1. Sounds like you had a great night with your stitching sisters
    We were talking about the date at work yesterday... No idea where this year has gone!!!

  2. You had a good time at the center last night...but did you stitch? Hearing you excited about your job makes me smile. I'm happy for you! As for where this year has gone...not sure but we are 8 weeks from Christmas! It's going to be nearly 80 degrees here today and I haven't started my shopping yet! eek

  3. Our garage got cleaned out last weekend and the snow blower made an appearance up front once more. Damn I hate the thought of it! Like Denise, I just clued in that Christmas is only 2 months away!


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