Monday, October 29, 2012

A Wet Weekend ,,, to say the least

Well, the rain has hit and with all of the news reports I sure do hope that everyone has a mindfull eye and is safe and sound. AND FOR GOD SAKES STAY AWAY FROM THE WINDOWS! duh...
We have had our small share of continual rain for the weekend and even though it is not falling this second, I am sure it will begin as soon as I let the dog out. Nothing like having a dog pond in your dog run. Good thing she loves to swim and even better that I have an awesome floor system!
And as always the rain seems to provide most of us with a bit of extra stitching time and while purusing through some of the sites online I just happened along one that really jumped out at me and as soon as it jumped off I went in search of a piece of fabric, floss and a needle. Funny what comes into your mind when you see something you really like and how the creative juices kick into overdrive. Well that particular design sparked a few of my own little tweaks and, well, the rest is yet to be determined. I have started to play and also have the better part of an alphebet stitched so who knows what it will look like in the end but I know I like it so far and in the end I  wanted to stitch it for Henley's Landing anyway sooooo, what ever will be will be. Not to mention it will be something that may actually be finished this year seeing how just about everything else I have worked on is either a gift or a commissioned piece.
I also have been finishing off a few gadgets for friends and stretching a few pieces for the Gallerie and also still fighting with the safari animals on that darn birth sampler. Poor Jackson will be 5 before I get back at that one....well maybe not, maybe if I actually focus I may get back at it this week. ha
I hope everyone keeps dry and safe this week what with all the storms in the air and keep your threads close by.
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  1. Some day I want to pick up a piece of linen and thread and just stitch my own creation as it eeks out of my imagination. Scary thought really.
    I want to be you when I grow up!
    Stay safe!


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