Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gee it sure feels weird missing a night with the Stitching Sisters, but it was for a good cause and sometimes you just have to change it up a bit.

So this morning I was doing some catch up and even though so many of you have been so busy stitching away on your Christmas project it still hasn't kicked me into gear.  I have finially decided to get that silly Safari Birth Sampler finished and in the frame so it can go out the door. I dont think I have to tell you how much of a relief that will be. Then there are all the ornaments to finish off before the big day and all of the little extras that go along with each one of them.

We are still a tad chilly here although the sun is shinning brightly and warmly in the big window out back so I will bid you a fine day and be off.


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