Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Chilly Monday Morning

Well, the property is ready for winter and it seems like everyone in the neighbourhood had the same idea this weekend. Mowers mowing, rakes raking, blowers blowing and many a sweaters and gloves dug out of their hiding places. Man, does it look nice out there.

On the stitching front:  One of our fine feathered Stitching Sisters has a broken wing. Yep, the other morning, our Dear Kerry had a tug~a~war with the railing at her front steps and the railing won! Down she went, and her RIGHT arm was stuck. Needless to say, she is out of commission for a time and will not be pulling any threads through her fabric for a while. (not to mention going to work) Now that there may be a blessing in disguise it's self. See, where Kerry works is closing the doors on the 31st of December and it was becoming some what stressful to say the least. Now we all know how much she just loved her job, but this is not the way she wanted to leave. Luckily for Kerry, her family is very supportive and will be there when ever she needs anything and that does not even speak to her Stitching Sisters that would give the shirts off their back for each other.
I will post updates as they come in and I am sure everything will be on the mend quickly.

That's it for now, but do stay warm and watch out for those front stairs.....
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  1. Same sorts of things went on in our neighborhood, too. Sad to think I won't be stitching outside for a while.

    Sending good thoughts to Kerry.


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