Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year in 6.4 minutes

Just sit right back
And you'll read a tale
A tale of a year long trip,
What started from this desire of mine,
and the help of a nice ole wine.....
The mate was a mighty truck'n man,
Myself, I'm brave and sure,
My UFO's set in place that day,
For a good ole finishing tour,
A good ole finishing tour.

ooooops sorry I got sidetracked
go figure
Can you believe how quickly this year has passed by?  I have a hard time with realizing that in just a few hours it will be a brand new year.  One thing is for sure, this year I did not attend to my UFO's as hoped and for that I am sad, however I was able to spend a good first 4 months of 2012 working on two pages of Xmas from HAED
 this little ditty for my Valentine...

 two pages from Northern Tranquility.
of Shinysuns.
on to finish off this primary counting sampler for a friend...

This next piece was put together for a Dear Mother in our TOPS group. Her son had composed this poem and it is just so fitting to this amazing woman.
I just had to stitch it for her.

Moving on I stitched up 4 Friendship, the Trilogy from Heart in Hand for the Four from Forest.
and then everyone has a MA they love to stitch for....thus.... CONNECTICUT
(M M Waldock Designs (formerly Oberlin Samplers)), (a future pillow I think)
For the my Peaches' best friends Wedding....Wedding Row by Bent Creek
 and then an "off the top" wedding sampler for special friends, which I pulled out of the left cheek of my creativity...and a copy of the invitation
On July first, I began Regal (the eagle) for Leroy's Birthday/Freedom 55 day, (freedom of Cancer)
 throw in a few little pieces here and there for extra measure... and you get some of these quick goodies.

 I stitched this one and since the theme was safari I threw some camo scrap booking paper on a matt board, cut the matt and presto,,, they loved it...this was a commission for a friend of my mothers and as it turned out I know Quinton's Grandmother...koinquidink or what?
I hate stitching cutesie safari animals!!!and apparently the Camo Matt was not an option......
So with a bit of a twist, what you see is what they got when
Jack'son Peter Mackie-Matos was born.. lol Cheers to more family.

With a couple Christmas Samplers which I have not yet framed

(the green one was started by a good friend who lost the sighting to work on 32 count and it is a fun one to work mainly as we stitch in opposing directions............)

and then on to a few ornaments like these for those wonderful  gals in the "FFF"
remember the one that made me lmao and hope the one who opened it had room on her tree. tee hee hee...


 Just another mixmatch I shuffled together and came up with
and rather than spending money on a Christmas Card for my Dear Leroy I played with this little treat
32 count over 1
(still waiting for the matts and frame)

 and finished off a ton of Christmas ornaments. * I am sure to have forgotten one or two other little goodies along the way!
All things considered,all I suppose it is not too bad for loosing that lov'n feeling half way through the year.
Funny how the health of a loved one will do that eh?!
As most of you know, an unwelcomed roller coaster came to Henley's Landing this spring and left it's emotional shrapnel flying to-and-fro.
At the steady hands of a local surgeon
all counts are now in the  < 0.00
and , well,,, that makes us
As for my second new knee....
(1st one was March, 2011- 2nd was March 2012)
well, the word
Amazing comes to mind
and walking comes with ease once again...woooo friggnn hooo
Late in September I became an Independent ENJO Consultant
 and what fun.
There is something amazing about being able to initiate a positive impression with a  healthy outcome in every aspect of our lives.
and that is
With Only Water...
I would like to take a moment to give a heartfelt Thank You to each and every one of my family, my wonderful friends, and all of the new connections and colleagues I have been welcomed into. Thank you for all of your support.
We can do this together
I am SO SURE that if you know me personally or follow my fb you will have an idea what ENJO is capable of and how truly incredible the fibers are. If not, well, if you stop in here on a regular basis I am sure you will catch up on and PLEASE feel free to
then send me a message of what you think either here or fb.
What an incredible association
we all have with one another.

My intentions for 2013 are to become more diligent in many aspects within my life, whether it be spending time with my loved ones and wonderful friends,,, assisting others to provide healthier environments in which they live,,, with the choices I make with food,,, or the time I invest with stitching on some of the golden oldies in my stash pile. One thing about my stitching is the fact that so far, I don't have any weddings to attend to or other such special occasions, those intentions may come into an honest action moving forward. I do believe that Northern Tranquillity will be on the top of that pile again

 So, with all of this said and done I truly hope everyone has made pulled many a threads through many a pieces of fabric, done circles in your cleaning and had as many wonderful moments with the ones you love.
Now I gotta go dig out my pots and pans for the New Year.......
Cheers to Happiness, Health and Love in 2013



  1. You've had a full year. Hope 2013 brings you more stitching, smiles, and friendship.

  2. What a wonderful wrap up for the year. You have done some beautiful stitching and very inventive ones too. I went through a phase when all the nieces and nephews were marrying and stitched many a wedding sampler. And then, they started having babies. I think I've stitched at least a dozen baby samplers lol. Glad to hear all is well health wise and you are stepping out well with the new knee. All my best wishes for a wonderful 2013.

  3. You certainly have had a very full year with a few curve balls thrown along the way. However as they say, all's well that ends well. I'm so glad that your health concerns are no longer an issue. You've also completed some lovely stitching and I hope that 2013 brings many more. All best wishes for both of you for a prosperous, healthy and Happy New Year!

  4. You have done such great and beautiful work - as always! You are such a great person to know and a great friend. Here's to a great 2013 and many more good times and good stitches pulled!

    Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!

  5. Happy New Year Jayne!! Thanks for all the help you have given me (in advice and finishing). Glad we met over the blogs and ended up stitching together in the end. Now it will be back to the blogs and a few calls/emails. I miss you already. I hope you guys have a great year with no more bad surprises!!

  6. You sure did accomplish a lot in 2012! I'm afraid my list isn't near as long.
    Masterchief is waiting as long as he can for a new knee or two. I wish he'd just get it done already. He's really limping along lately. His excuse is he only wants to do it ONCE.
    As soon as I decide to stop torturing myself and get back to reducing my wine inventory I will raise a toast to you my friend! It's been almost a week now.


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