Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here goes another year,,,,and I still have my fork...

Being one to march to my own beat,
(and since I used to drum in one of the best All Girl Drum Corps in Canada)
I am picking up my sticks
and bang'n the drum of "offthetoppers" again.
Wherein, I throw a few designs, floss and fabric in the drum
and bang out an interesting rudimental conglomeration
of what might jive.
With any luck it will work. 
Since tonight is the first Wedstitchday of 2013 
 you'll never guess where The Stitching Sisters will be.
HA  I guess maybe some do...
That's right, right here
 @ Henley's Landing.
So as we gather at the big ole table
 to find our comfort zones of 2013
I hope that each and every one of the wonderful stitching friends I have made finds an awesome group of women to share their time and talent with,
and sometimes you throw their husbands into the mix for added enjoyment not to mention food and, they get to know the families we speak so fondly of.
Cheers to 2013
and all the threads you sow.


  1. Happy New Year, Jane! Have fun with the sisters!

  2. Happy New Year....and I got my monkey, well excuse me he's an ape. :)

  3. Have fun! Wish I could be there.


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